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Why Invest in Your Health?

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Why Invest in Your Health?

Are you sick of being chronically fatigued and/or depressed?  Maybe you are tired of having chronic migraines or constipation?  The list of symptoms goes on and on and on.  I mean, the most common first move is to get an over the counter drug for your symptom and when that doesn’t work you make phone call to setup a visit with your doctor that spends 5-10 minutes with you to assess your health problems.  Next, you will probably walk out with a prescription to suppress your symptoms and you feel like the problem has been solved and you can continue in your same behavioral patterns that you had once before.

Why does someone invest in anything?  Like, investing money into a money market account or investing time into fixing up their house.  You are looking for a return or an increase of money or value of your house over time by investing time or resources into it.  What happens if you do not regularly invest in the maintenance of your vehicle such as a routine oil change, keeping proper air in the tires or changing your brake pads?  The parts will deteriorate and you will be stuck on the road somewhere broke down waiting to get it towed.

The same applies to your health.  To think you can live your whole life without investing any resources or time into the functionality of your health as an organism is simply crazy.  As a complex organism, meaning we are trillions of cells that are made into tissues, that are made into organs, that are made into organ systems, that make us the organism.  The human body is ridiculously complicated, but simple subtle changes in the way we manage our bodies can have enormous outcomes in how our bodies function.

It begins with a decision to become mindful of how you feel daily and recognizing what kind of input or information you are giving your brain and body.  Think about it from an ancestral view.  Our ancestors lived in nature, they ate the food that was available to them such as wild animals or fruits and vegetables in season.  They were constantly in the sun.  They walked everywhere they had to go.  They woke and slept with the coming and going of the sun.  Their only source of drink was water.  They had little stress or negative input from their external environment.  We live in the industrial-techno age where 90% all our food is manmade, genetically modified, sprayed with thousands of pounds of pesticides and synthetically made (not from nature).  We work around the clock, second and third shifts working through our natural circadian time clock.  We are constantly engulfed by dirty blue light from overhead and chaotic man-made EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) directly in front of our faces by way of phones, tablets or computers.  We are addicted to painkillers and anti-anxiety medications that our medical administrations have flooded our population with as temporary band-aids that turn into lifelong addictions that destroy the human body.  We are constantly in competition with everyone around us creating constant jealousy and bitterness.

Like I said, you have to be aware of what is going on in your environment to begin to address how you can start creating a lifestyle that you are actually investing in your health instead of sabotaging your health.  After you establish that everything in your daily activities is wrecking your physiology, you have to make a second decision to put one foot forward towards making daily subtle changes that begin to create an environment that your body can heal in.  The time is now.  Making a decision in this moment right now to commit to investing in yourself will change your life and the life of others around you in many perspectives.  So, just do it.

Nick Vaseloff

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