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Nick Vaseloff

Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Holistic Nutritionist

Hi, my name is Nick Vaseloff. For 20 years, I have been into health and fitness. Although, not always taking care of my body like I should have. Between partying, bodybuilding and using anabolic steroids I put major toll on my body. This led me to a 8 year deep holistic health journey that started with back pain, headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue and depression. Trying the traditional medicine route, I was horribly disappointed in the lack of care and treatment I was giving that left me in the same position I was already in 6 months later with the doctors I was seeing completely clueless of my issues. I had to search elsewhere. This led me to the secret holistic world of alternative medicine, chiropractic, muscle testing, holistic nutrition, vitamins and lifestyle change. Working with 2 different practitioners I quickly saw dramatic results and have never looked back. At this moment, I knew I had found my purpose. I then started educating myself by completing 2 holistic nutrition certifications and a board-certification from the American Naturopathic Medical Association as a Holistic Health practitioner. I am also actively pursuing a biology degree from IUPUI. I have a passion for scientific research. Also, I have been studying and practicing with energy medicine (Morphogenic Field Technique) for 3 years. This is my main concentration for evaluating someone's immediate health. I designed Intelligent Nutrition and Performance as a outlet for families, individuals, children that are struggling with their physical, mental or emotional health and/or people in good health that want to optimize even more using cutting edge energy assessments, functional medicine labs, detailed functional medicine questionnaires, personality questionnaires to gather objective information to create a specific bio-individual nutrition, supplement, lifestyle, spiritual and mindset programs that will create superior health where sickness cannot live. It confuses me that these concepts are so ridiculed and disregarded by mainstream medicine. My goal is to help educate and serve people looking for this type of root cause healthcare. So that them and their families can live their best lives! God Bless!