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The Peoples Health Podcast – With chronic lifestyle diseases, depression and anxiety plaguing are country at historical highs. There has never been a more appropriate time to share with the people the power of taking your health back. When you have your health no one can take your freedom. Constantly seeking health leaves no room for dis-ease to hang out. This podcast will concentrate on sharing the latest research in integrative and holistic health science, entrepreneurship, food and environmental science and mindset concepts. Holistic Health is rooted in actually finding the why of your health problems and not temporary fixes that cause more health problems in the long run. The conception that your only option for healthcare is pharmaceuticals and surgeries is a human injustice. The people need to know eating whole foods, taking proper vitamins and herbs, exercise, sleep and spiritual connection is real medicine that has long term applications. So open your mind and find out how you can optimize your health!

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